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iBeam allows you to instantly "beam" (send) contact information and photos directly to another iPhone over wifi, to any other device via email, or use a barcode to optically transfer contact information. iBeam fills the need of many iPhone users by allowing them to instantly "Beam" contact information or photos directly to each other. Currently iPhone users have to type in or write down contact info and it can be frustrating. Other smart phones have had "beaming" ability for years and until now it was lacking on the iPhone.
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Are you all cracked up because of a recent breakup or fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Is your boss driving you nuts? iCracked lets you relieve stress by placing a photo of who ever you want and then smash the photo over and over again. You can choose different sounds, crack types as well as the frame surrounding your photo.
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Sir Real Eye

Sir Real Eye is so realistic, so freaky and so insanely infectious, the programmers are actually in therapy. Go ahead - poke him, tug him, stick him, pull him, get him all infected, Sir Real Eye is always up for a good poke! Listen to him wince in pain, or RECORD your own voice for hours of customizable fun. Six eyes to choose from (and a Terminator eye... yeah, we had to go there) for a variety of disgusting fun.
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My Location

Determine your GSM based Treo's approximate location so you can use Google Maps application more effectively.
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Call Director

An automated call forwarding application for Treo 600 / 650 / 680 / 700p smart phone. Automatically direct incomming calls from your Palm Treo by forwarding calls to any phone number when you plug it into the charging cradle or charging cable. When you remove the Treo from the charger, it will turn off call forwarding.
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Location Director

Automatically keep your friends and family informed of your current location. Create location tags and have your Palm based Treo / Centro automatically send your location and photo every few minutes to a varity of RSS feeds.
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NXT Director

A programable remote control for the Lego Mindstorm NXT Robotics kit for any bluetooth enabled Palm (Treo 650 / 700). Provides telemetry information as well such as touch sensor, sound sensor and light sensor. 
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